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The Dragon And Her Boy

The Dragon and Her Boy PDF
Author: Penny Chrimes
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1510107118
Size: 68.86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 384
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A story of a the very last living dragon, stuck living in a tunnel under London, and the boy who unintentially finds himself as her protector. When Stick discovers there is a dragon living underneath the streets of London, he finds himself unintentionally drawn into an epic adventure and a quest -- but how can he find a place for a dragon to live in London when dragons aren't supposed to exist? And with foes at every corner who want to exploit the dragon for themselves, it's going to take a daring plan for Stick to find a safe place for his dragon -- and for himself.

The Dragon S Boy

The Dragon s Boy PDF
Author: Jane Yolen
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480423343
Size: 32.97 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 128
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Before the legendary Arthur became king, he took lessons from a dragon . . . Artos is a lonely child, teased or ignored by the other boys in the castle of Sir Ector. One day, he follows Sir Ector’s runaway hound into a mysterious, dark cave, where he encounters a dragon who offers him the gift of wisdom. Both frightened and intrigued, Artos becomes the dragon’s student and gains what he’s always longed for: the friendship and respect of other boys. Under the guidance of the dragon, Artos’s life begins to take shape in a way he could never have imagined. But has Artos really learned everything the dragon has to teach? And what does the dragon mean when he refers to him as “Artos Pendragon,” or “Arthur son of dragon”? This ebook features a personal history by Jane Yolen including rare images from the author’s personal collection, as well as a note from the author about the making of the book.

A Boy And His Dragon

A Boy and His Dragon PDF
Author: R. Cooper
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1623802695
Size: 20.12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 236
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"A Being(s) in Love Story" Arthur MacArthur needs a job, and not just for the money. Before he dropped out of school to support his younger sister, he loved being a research assistant at the university. But working for a dragon, one of the rarest and least understood magical beings, has unforeseen complications. While Arthur may be the only applicant who isn't afraid of Philbert Jones in his dragon form, the instant attraction he feels for his new employer is beyond disconcerting. Bertie is a brilliant historian, but he can't find his own notes without help-his house is a hoard of books and antiques, hence the need for an assistant. Setting the mess to rights is a dream come true for Arthur, who once aspired to be an archivist. But making sense of Bertie's interest in him is another matter. After all, dragons collect treasure, and Arthur is anything but extraordinary.

Beijing Tour Guide Top 10 A Travel Guide And Tour As With The Best Local Guide

Beijing Tour Guide Top 10  a travel guide and tour as with the best local guide PDF
Author: Wander Stories
Publisher: WanderStories
ISBN: 9949516978
Size: 52.18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Travel
Languages : en
Pages :
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Dear Traveler, Welcome to the WanderStories™ tour of the top 10 sights in Beijing: the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall of China, the Lama Temple, Beihai Park, the Drum and Bell Towers, the Summer Palace, the Confucius Temple and the Beijing Imperial College, Tiananmen Square, and Jingshan Park. We are now ready to take you on your personal tour of these world famous landmarks. We will also tell you the history of Beijing and several additional stories about Chinese cuisine and table manners, traditions and customs, holidays and festivals, behavior and etiquette, Peking opera, Chinese humor and jokes. We, at WanderStories™, are storytellers. We don’t tell you where to eat or sleep, we don’t intend to replace a typical travel reference guide. Our mission is to be the best local guide that you would wish to have by your side when visiting the sights. So, we meet you at the sight and take you on a tour. WanderStories™ travel guides are unique because our storytelling style puts you alongside the best local guide who tells you fascinating stories and unusual facts recreating the passion and sacrifice that forged the beauty of these places right here in front of you, while a wealth of high quality photos, historic pictures, and illustrations brings your tour vividly to life. Our promise: • when you visit these top 10 sights in Beijing with this travel guide you will have the best local guide at your fingertips • when you read this travel guide in the comfort of your armchair you will feel as if you are actually visiting these top 10 sights in Beijing with the best local guide Welcome to Beijing, Beijing is the capital of the world’s largest nation and one of the most populous cities on earth. Its history is as complex or as simple as you might like it to be. The first mention of Beijing as a city is in records from the Zhou dynasty in the 11th century B.C.E. And there’s no doubt that three thousand years that have passed since then have given the Chinese people plenty of time to shape one of the most unique cities on earth. There is only one thing to do now – visit! Let’s go! Your guide, WanderStories

The Not So Goblin Boy And The Dragon King

The Not so goblin Boy and the Dragon King PDF
Author: Ezekiel Kwaymullina
ISBN: 9781922077417
Size: 39.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Children's stories
Languages : en
Pages : 267
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Samuel is the only ordinary human boy in a world full of magic. Adopted by goblins, he dreams of being just like them: with their wicked sense of humour, love of farts and fighting, and amazing inventions. He is determined to get into the Goblin Academy and prove just how goblin he is. But things don t go according to plan. Instead, Samuel finds himself recruited by a band of pirates on a mission to save the Goblin Empire from a dangerous spy.

Wenn Drachen Sachen Machen

Wenn Drachen Sachen machen PDF
Author: Andy Shepherd
Publisher: Dressler Verlag
ISBN: 3862720918
Size: 53.69 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : de
Pages : 224
View: 439

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Drachen-Alarm! Aus der seltsamen Frucht, die Tomas aus dem Garten seines Opas mir nach Hause nimmt, wächst nicht etwa eine Gurke oder eine Tomate, sondern über Nacht schlüpft ein waschechter Drache! Flicker ist zum Glück total harmlos. Doch wenn man plötzlich ein Haustier hat, dessen fürchterlich stinkende Häufchen beim Trocknen explodieren, ist es gar nicht so leicht, es vor seinen Eltern zu verstecken. Tomas hat auf jeden Fall mit einem Drachen schon alle Hände voll zu tun ... und am Drachenbaum wachsen immer mehr Früchte! Mit einem Drachen als bester Freund ist "Wenn Drachen Sachen machen" Stoff für Kinderträume! Eine lustige, freche und abenteuerliche Geschichte, die mit vielen Bildern den idealen Einstieg zum Selbstlesen für Jungen und Mädchen bietet. Humorvoll übersetzt von Emma & Sabine Ludwig.

The Boy From The Dragon Palace

The Boy from the Dragon Palace PDF
Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480492639
Size: 78.81 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 32
View: 184

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One day, a poor flower seller drops his leftover flowers into the sea as a gift for the Dragon King. What does he get in return? A little snot-nosed boy—with the power to grant wishes! Soon the flower seller is rich, but when he forgets the meaning of “thank you,” he loses everything once again. “You just can’t help some humans,” say the snot-nosed little boy and the Dragon King.“The text is nicely repetitive and includes satisfyingly disgusting nose-blowing effects that children will love. MacDonald’s lively retelling of this folktale is bound to fascinate kids; after all, who can resist a tale with a snot-nosed boy?” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review “MacDonald’s version of this Japanese folktale offers minor grossness and big laughs, with a moral tossed in; Yoshikawa’s digitally enhanced watercolors, correspondingly, go for humor over elegance. . . . Perhaps, the tale suggests, even great wealth is not free of annoyances.” —Publishers Weekly “The author’s choice of words, her syntax, and timing give the story an easy, natural flow. . . . The simplicity of both the text and the illustrations makes this an excellent choice for storytimes and sharing one-on-one.” —School Library Journal “Children, predictably, will enjoy the boy’s snuffling of nose and slurping of soup. Parents will like the parable against greed. And despite the tale’s ick factor, Yoshikawa’s drawings are lovely and adorable.” —The New York Times “A sure-fire hit with primary grades, this would be a lighthearted source of discussion of when enough is enough.” —The Horn Book Magazine “There is some real child appeal in the boy’s wish granting, particularly as it involves an elaborate ritual wherein he wipes his snotty nose first on one sleeve, then the other, then blows ‘HNNNK! HNNNK! HNNNK!,’ and those sharing the story aloud will have a particularly good time with this routine.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books “MacDonald’s retelling of this Japanese folktale is lyrical and the illustrations are lush and a feast for the eyes.” —Library Media ConnectionMargaret Read MacDonald loves folktales and travels the world telling wonderful stories and teaching others how to share them. How Many Donkeys? An Arabic Counting Tale won the Best Foreign Children’s Book Award at the 2010 Sharjah International Book Fair. She lives in Washington. Sachiko Yoshikawa moved to the United States from Japan in 1988 to study art. Much of her work has been inspired by living and traveling in the United States and abroad. She has lived in Tokyo, California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and currently, in Wisconsin. She has also lived in Uganda, in East Africa, where she had a group show with local artists at the Uganda National Museum. She has illustrated numerous books for young readers, such as Beach Is to Fun (named Best Children’s Book of the Year by the Bank Street College of Education) and What Is Science? (a finalist in the Children’s Science Picture Book category of the 2007 SB&F Prize).

The Dragon Boy

The Dragon Boy PDF
Author: Donald Samson
Publisher: Assn of Waldorf Schools of
ISBN: 9781888365849
Size: 68.85 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 245
View: 1229

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Orphaned twice before he is nine, a young boy who does not even know his own name is admitted to the elite Dragon Compound, where he wins the affection of Star, a emerald-green Luck Dragon, who takes him as his secret apprentice.