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Final Destination Novels Book Guide

Final Destination   Novels  Book Guide  PDF
Author: Source Wikia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781234839314
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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Commentary (novels not included). Pages: 90. Chapters: Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand, Final Destination: Dead Reckoning, Final Destination: Death of the Senses, Final Destination: Destination Zero, Final Destination: End of the Line, Final Destination: Looks Could Kill, Aldis Escobar, Allie Goodwin-Gaines, Andy, Arlen Ploog, Brenda, Carolina Lavirra, Charlie Montoya, Chip Moench, Coburn, Danny Lavirra, Death, Dorrie Yungbluth, Ellie Stanfield, Eric, Ethel Newton, Fred Newton, Haslinger, Hotz, Isabelle Montoya, Jasmine, Lea, List of deaths, Lou Summers, McBride, McGavin, McMurtry, Merlin's Tower, Milos Hewetson, Mrs. Alvarez, Olivier Mayo, Roberto Diaz, Sean Murphy, Shawna Engles, Socorro, Terry Ferguson, Tina, Tom Gaines, Tony Augustino, Uriel Mayo, Warren Ackerman, Amber, Andy Adams, Becci, Ben, Bill, Cassie, Charlie Delgado, Chris Latshaw, Club Kitty, Death, Eric Prescott, Heather, J-Bo, Jamie, Jason, Jessica Golden, Jocelyn, Kevin, List of deaths, Lou, Macy, Marina Hewlett, Mr. Golden, Mrs. Golden, Sebastian Lebecque, Sharon, Spencer, Steve, Tony, Vladi, Chelsea Cox, Death, Dominique Swann, Jack Curtis, John Doe, Joshua Cornell III, Katie Astin, List of deaths, Lonnie, William Bludworth, Adrienne, Al Kinsey, Andrew Caine, Annie Chapman, Bill Sangster, Candi, Catherine Eddowes, Dan Hoffman, Death, Eddie, Fitch, Flanagan, George Abberline, Gibson, Gilbert Collins, Gloria Kinsey, Grace, Hal Ward, Hector Barnes, Helen Blavatsky, Irma Halloran, Jane Stanley, Jensen, Jim Castle, Julianna Fiegl, Juliet Collins, Kay Franks, Keith Swallow, Lauren Castle, Leon Khalid, List of deaths, Louis Diemschutz, Mark Bell, Marty, Matthew Upton, Matt Lawson, Melville McNaughten, Mornington Crescent, Mr. Fries, Norman Stanley, Patricia Fuller, Pete Cochrane, Reese, Russ, Russ, Sean Reilly, South Hill Metroline, Stewart Tubbs, Susan Fries, Tony Chang, Wagg, Watkin, Will Sax, Zack Halloran, 32nd Street, Andrew Williams, Bodil Raden, Bor...

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology PDF
Author: Augustus Hopkins Strong
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Empires Of The Senses

Empires of the Senses PDF
Author: Andrew J. Rotter
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0190924705
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"This groundbreaking work offers a sensory history of the British in India from the formal imposition of their rule to its end (1857-1947) and the Americans in the Philippines from annexation to independence (1898-1946). A social and cultural history of empire, it analyzes how the senses created mutual impressions of the agents of imperialism and their subjects, and highlights connections between apparently disparate items, including the lived experience of empire, the comments (and complaints) found in memoirs and reports, the appearance of lepers, the sound of bells, the odor of excrement, the feel of cloth against skin, the first taste of meat spiced with cumin or of a mango. Men and women in imperial India and the Philippines had different ideas from the start about what looked, sounded, smelled, felt, and tasted good or bad. Both the British and the Americans saw themselves as the civilizers of what they judged backward societies and believed that a vital part of the civilizing process was to put the senses in the right order of priority and to ensure them against offense or affront. People without manners that respected the senses lacked self-control; they were uncivilized and thus unfit for self-government. Societies that looked shabby, were noisy and smelly, felt wrong, and consumed unwholesome food in unmannerly ways were not prepared to form independent polities and stand on their own. It was the duty of allegedly more sensorily advanced westerners to put the senses right before withdrawing the most obvious manifestations of their power. This study of Indians and Filipinos' ideas of what constituted sensory civilization and the imperial encounter with British and American sense-orders shows the compromises between these nations' sensory regimes"--