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Narratives Of Agency

Narratives of Agency PDF
Author: Wimal Dissanayake
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 9780816626571
Size: 22.61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 244
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This multidisciplinary collection underlines the importance of understanding the operations of human agency - defined here as the ability to exert power, specifically in resistance to ideological pressure. In particular, the contributors emphasize the historical and cultural conditions that facilitate the production of agency in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures of China, India, and Japan. The contributors argue that traditional Western approaches to the study of these cultures have unduly focused on the pervasive influence of family and clan (China), caste and fatalism (India), and groupism (Japan), reminding us that members of a community have to make personal choices, struggle and interact with others, and confront new challenges, all of which involve intentionality and human agency.

Stealing Obedience

Stealing Obedience PDF
Author: Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 0802097073
Size: 33.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 300
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Explores how a Christian notion of freedom incurring responsibility was a component of identity, examining secular writings, liturgy, canon and civil law, chronicle, dialogue, and hagiography to analyze the practice of obedience in the monastic context.

Practical Identity And Narrative Agency

Practical Identity and Narrative Agency PDF
Author: Catriona Mackenzie
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415883911
Size: 30.46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 12
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The essays collected in this volume address a range of issues that arise when the focus of philosophical reflection on identity is shifted from metaphysical to practical and evaluative concerns. They also explore the usefulness of the notion of narrative for articulating and responding to these issues. The chapters, written by an outstanding roster of international scholars, address a range of complex philosophical issues concerning the relationship between practical and metaphysical identity, the embodied dimensions of the first-personal perspective, the kind of reflexive agency involved in the self-constitution of one's practical identity, the relationship between practical identity and normativity, and the temporal dimensions of identity and selfhood. In addressing these issues, contributors engage with debates in the literatures on personal identity, phenomenology, moral psychology, action theory, normative ethical theory, and feminist philosophy.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking PDF
Author: Maria De Angelis
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443887706
Size: 50.27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 195
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This book explores women’s stories of agency in a lived experience of trafficking. The idea of agency is a difficult concept to fathom, given the unscrupulous acts and exploitative practices which define trafficking. In response to the ‘3-P’ anti-trafficking paradigm – to prevent and protect victims and prosecute traffickers – official discourse constructs agency in singular opposition to victimhood. The ‘true’ victim of trafficking is reified in attributes of passivity and worthiness, whereas signs of women’s agency are read as consent in their own predicament or as culpability in criminal justice and immigration rule-breaking. Moving beyond the official lack or criminal fact of agency, this collection of stories adds knowledge on agency constructed with, on, and by, women possessing a trafficking experience. Based on the stories of twenty-six women, agency is seen to exist in relationship to women’s victimisation under trafficking. Exploring well-being agency (women’s physical safety and economic needs), and agency freedom (women’s capacity to construct choices and the conditions affecting choice), women demonstrate agency in their identity, decision making, and actions. Acknowledging the existence of a migration-crime-security nexus in contemporary human trafficking, the narratives of fifteen anti-trafficking professionals highlight how official actions mediate women’s achievement of well-being and agency freedoms. This book will be of interest to students undertaking courses in modern slavery, human trafficking, human geography, police studies, social work, and criminology.

Centering The Margin

Centering the Margin PDF
Author: International Convention for Asian Schol
Publisher: ITESO
ISBN: 9781845450199
Size: 48.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 238
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Ch. 6. In the margin of a borderland: the Florenese community between Nunukan and Tawau / Riwanto Tirtosudarmo -- Ch. 7. Deconstructing citizenship from the border: dual ethnic minorities and local reworking of citizenship at the Thailand-Malaysian frontier / Alexander Horstmann -- Ch. 8. Sex and the sacred: sojourners and visitors in the making of the Southern Thai borderland / Marc Askew -- Ch. 9. Narrating the border: perspectives from the Kelabit Highlands of Borneo / Matthew H. Amster.

Life Narratives And Youth Culture

Life Narratives and Youth Culture PDF
Author: Kate Douglas
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137551178
Size: 16.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 267
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This book considers the largely under-recognised contribution that young writers have made to life writing genres such as memoir, letter writing and diaries, as well as their innovative use of independent and social media. The authors argue that these contributions have been historically silenced, subsumed within other literary genres, culturally marginalised or co-opted for political ends. Furthermore, the book considers how life narrative is an important means for youth agency and cultural participation. By engaging in private and public modes of self-representation, young people have contested public discourses around the representation of youth, including media, health and welfare, and legal discourses, and found means for re-engaging and re-appropriating self-images and representations. Locating their research within broader theoretical debates from childhood and youth studies: youth creative practice and associated cultural implications; youth citizenship and autonomy; the rights of the child; generations and power relationships, Poletti and Douglas also position their inquiry within life narrative scholarship and wider discussions of self-representation from the margins, representations of conflict and trauma, and theories of ethical scholarship.


Storyplaying PDF
Author: Sebastian Domsch
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110272458
Size: 30.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 196
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Incontestably, Future Narratives are most conspicuous in video games: they combine narrative with the major element of all games: agency. The persons who perceive these narratives are not simply readers or spectators but active agents with a range of choices at their disposal that will influence the very narrative they are experiencing: they are players. The narratives thus created are realizations of the multiple possibilities contained in the present of any given gameplay situation. Surveying the latest trends in the field, the volume discusses the complex relationship of narrative and gameplay.

Chaucer S Agents

Chaucer s Agents PDF
Author: Carolynn Van Dyke
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838640838
Size: 30.10 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 371
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Chaucer's Agents draws on medieval and modern theories of agency to provide fresh readings of the major Chaucerian texts. Collectively, those readings aim to illuminate Chaucer's responses to two greta problems of agency: the degree to which human beings and forces qualify as agents, and the equal reference of "agent" to initiators and instruments. Each chapter surveys medieval conceptions of the agency in question-- allegorical Realities, intelligent animals, pagan gods, women, and the author--and then follows that kind of agent through representative Chaucerian texts. Readers have long recognized Chaucer's interest in questions of causation; Van Dyke shows that his answers to those questions shape, even constitute, his narratives. --Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Identity Transformation And Agency In Digital Narratives And Story Based Games

Identity Transformation and Agency in Digital Narratives and Story Based Games PDF
Author: Joshua Glen Tanenbaum
Size: 37.62 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Languages : en
Pages : 447
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In this dissertation I propose a reimagining of two of the central pleasures of digital media: Agency and Transformation. The first of these pleasures - Agency ¬- is a concept that has received significant attention in the discourse around games and storytelling. The second pleasure - Transformation - has received comparatively little deep investigation. In this work I will first undertake to map the territory of the discourse surrounding these two central concepts, returning first to the foundational work of Janet Murray (Murray, 1997), and then expanding my discussion to incorporate a wide range of theoretical perspectives from the different disciplines surrounding game studies. I argue that agency has been systematically misconstrued within the digital games and interactive digital storytelling communities in ways that overlook the core pleasure of agentic action within a narrative. To reframe agency, I draw on theories of communication and speech act theory to build a new understanding of how the pleasures of agency operate within a participatory narrative. This new approach to agency illuminates the ways in which the pleasures of enacting narratively meaningful moments in a game are equal to or greater than the pleasures of unrestricted action in a simulated world. I then turn my attention to transformation. I argue that understanding the pleasures of transformation can profoundly alter how we imagine, analyse, and design digital narratives. In order to build a robust theory of transformation, I turn to a field of study where identity transformation is a central concern: the dramatic arts. Drawing heavily on theories from Method acting, I identify a core poetics of transformation for digital stories. This new understanding of transformation highlights the importance of external frameworks of meaning (such as narrative scripts, rules, and goals) in guiding and supporting the enactments of a player in a story. I ground these two theoretical lenses in a close reading of the Mass Effect trilogy of story based games, from which I derive a framework of design poetics for digital narrative.