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Samuel Hopkins Adams And The Business Of Writing

Samuel Hopkins Adams and the Business of Writing PDF
Author: Samuel V. Kennedy III
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815627999
Size: 26.32 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 416
View: 509

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This book traces the prolific and eclectic writing career of Adams who wrote more than fifty books and wrote the scripts for the films, It Happened One Night (1934) and the 1920's sensation, Flaming Youth. Kennedy offers insight into Adams's relationships with fellow writers, agents, magazine editors, book publishers, and reviewers, which he maintained throughout an illustrious career.

Common Cause

Common Cause PDF
Author: Samuel Hopkins Adams
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 1640120025
Size: 30.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 396
View: 533

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A lost literary relic of the First World War, Common Cause tells the story of Jeremy Robson, a crusading newspaper editor in the fictional midwestern town of Fenchester. The Guardian’s muckraking has led special interests to withhold advertising in order to drive Robson out of business. But he and local plutocrats put their differences aside when war is declared in 1917 in order to attack the German-American community for its supposed fealty to their Fatherland. Common Cause provides a vivid picture of the America-first fear and hate that gripped the midwestern United States during the Great War.

Encyclopedia Of American Journalism

Encyclopedia of American Journalism PDF
Author: Stephen L. Vaughn
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135880204
Size: 11.76 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : en
Pages : 664
View: 1866

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The Encyclopedia of American Journalism explores the distinctions found in print media, radio, television, and the internet. This work seeks to document the role of these different forms of journalism in the formation of America's understanding and reaction to political campaigns, war, peace, protest, slavery, consumer rights, civil rights, immigration, unionism, feminism, environmentalism, globalization, and more. This work also explores the intersections between journalism and other phenomena in American Society, such as law, crime, business, and consumption. The evolution of journalism's ethical standards is discussed, as well as the important libel and defamation trials that have influenced journalistic practice, its legal protection, and legal responsibilities. Topics covered include: Associations and Organizations; Historical Overview and Practice; Individuals; Journalism in American History; Laws, Acts, and Legislation; Print, Broadcast, Newsgroups, and Corporations; Technologies.

Poetry Night At The Ballpark And Other Scenes From An Alternative America

Poetry Night at the Ballpark and Other Scenes from an Alternative America PDF
Author: Bill Kauffman
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1625648421
Size: 23.50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 442
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Bill Kauffman has carved out an idiosyncratic identity quite unlike any other American writer. Praised by the likes of Gore Vidal, Benjamin Schwarz, and George McGovern, he has, with a distinctive and slashingly witty, learnedly allusive style, illumed forgotten corners of American history, articulated a defiant and passionate localism, and written with love and dark humor of his repatriation. Poetry Night at the Ballpark gathers the best of Bill Kauffman's essays and journalism in defense and explication of his alternative America--or Americas. Its discrete pieces are bound by a thematic unity and propulsive energy and are full of unexpected (yet startlingly apposite) connections and revelatory linkages. Whether he's writing about conservative Beats, backyard astronomers, pacifist West Pointers, or Middle America in the movies, Bill Kauffman will challenge, maybe even change, the way you look at American politics and the American provinces.

The Attention Merchants

The Attention Merchants PDF
Author: Tim Wu
Publisher: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1782394842
Size: 23.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 403
View: 4089

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Attention merchant: an industrial-scale harvester of human attention. A firm whose business model is the mass capture of attention for resale to advertisers. In nearly every moment of our waking lives, we face a barrage of advertising enticements, branding efforts, sponsored social media, commercials and other efforts to harvest our attention. Over the last century, few times or spaces have remained uncultivated by the 'attention merchants', contributing to the distracted, unfocused tenor of our times. Tim Wu argues that this is not simply the byproduct of recent inventions but the end result of more than a century's growth and expansion in the industries that feed on human attention. From the pre-Madison Avenue birth of advertising to TV's golden age to our present age of radically individualized choices, the business model of 'attention merchants' has always been the same. He describes the revolts that have risen against these relentless attempts to influence our consumption, from the remote control to FDA regulations to Apple's ad-blocking OS. But he makes clear that attention merchants grow ever-new heads, and their means of harvesting our attention have given rise to the defining industries of our time, changing our nature - cognitive, social, and otherwise - in ways unimaginable even a generation ago.


Muckrakers PDF
Author: Edd Applegate
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 1461669758
Size: 79.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 200
View: 1776

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Professor Edd Applegate profiles the men and women who either wrote muckraking journalism or edited publications that featured muckraking articles. Some of the most important figures of journalism are here, including Nellie Bly, Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, George Kennan, Jack London, Frank Norris, Rachel Carson, George Seldes, and I.F. Stone.

Journalism Standards Of Work Today

Journalism Standards of Work Today PDF
Author: Stephen A. Banning
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1527559025
Size: 23.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 166
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This research examines journalism ethics to answer the questions of whether we still need journalism ethics in the twenty-first century, if it is possible to exercise journalistic standards of work and, if so, on what values should these ethics be based in a world much different from that which existed when the first journalism codes of ethics were formulated in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. To distil the motivations and essence of the early journalistic standards of work, the book discusses the function of media in a democracy and the formation of mass media during the first industrial revolution, as well as its consequential change in journalists’ locus of control and how journalists self-identified. The sudden creation of mass media pushed some journalists to create ethical principles which would guide the newly empowered press, an effort which culminated in the creation of the first national code of journalistic ethics in 1923. The book closely examines the elements of the 1923 “Canons of Journalism”, finding them to contain timeless values, despite their original application to now dated technology. It highlights the basic elements and applies them to media today, in a way that interfaces with new technology without abandoning the essential components of equipping citizens for representative governance.

The Encyclopedia Of New York State

The Encyclopedia of New York State PDF
Author: Peter Eisenstadt
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815608080
Size: 32.73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 1940
View: 6221

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The Encyclopedia of New York State is one of the most complete works on the Empire State to be published in a half-century. In nearly 2,000 pages and 4,000 signed entries, this single volume captures the impressive complexity of New York State as a historic crossroads of people and ideas, as a cradle of abolitionism and feminism, and as an apex of modern urban, suburban, and rural life. The Encyclopedia is packed with fascinating details from fields ranging from sociology and geography to history. Did you know that Manhattan's Lower East Side was once the most populated neighborhood in the world, but Hamilton County in the Adirondacks is the least densely populated county east of the Mississippi; New York is the only state to border both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean; the Erie Canal opened New York City to rich farmland upstate . . . and to the west. Entries by experts chronicle New York's varied areas, politics, and persuasions with a cornucopia of subjects from environmentalism to higher education to railroads, weaving the state's diverse regions and peoples into one idea of New York State. Lavishly illustrated with 500 photographs and figures, 120 maps, and 140 tables, the Encyclopedia is key to understanding the state's past, present, and future. It is a crucial reference for students, teachers, historians, and business people, for New Yorkers of all persuasions, and for anyone interested in finding out more about New York State.

Writing Sexual Revolutions

Writing sexual revolutions PDF
Author: Vera Boie
Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann
ISBN: 9783884799710
Size: 66.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Sex in literature
Languages : de
Pages : 415
View: 7776

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Early Detection

Early Detection PDF
Author: Kirsten E. Gardner
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807877123
Size: 57.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 304
View: 4551

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Dispelling the common notion that American women became activists in the fight against female cancer only after the 1970s, Kirsten E. Gardner traces women's cancer education campaigns back to the early twentieth century. Focusing on breast cancer, but using research on cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers as well, Gardner's examination of films, publications, health fairs, and archival materials shows that women have promoted early cancer detection since the inception of the American Society for the Control of Cancer in 1913. While informing female audiences about cancer risks, these early activists also laid the groundwork for the political advocacy and patient empowerment movements of recent decades. By the 1930s there were 300,000 members of the Women's Field Army working together with women's clubs. They held explicit discussions about the risks, detection, and incidence of cancer and, by mid-century, were offering advice about routine breast self-exams and annual Pap smears. The feminist health movement of the 1970s, Gardner explains, heralded a departure for female involvement in women's health activism. As before, women encouraged early detection, but they simultaneously demanded increased attention to gender and medical research, patient experiences, and causal factors. Our understanding of today's vibrant feminist health movement is enriched by Gardner's work recognizing women's roles in grassroots educational programs throughout the twentieth century and their creation of supportive networks that endure today.

Historical Dictionary Of Journalism

Historical Dictionary of Journalism PDF
Author: Ross Eaman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1538125048
Size: 64.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : en
Pages : 520
View: 2274

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This book covers the history of journalism as an institutionalized form of discourse from the acta diurna in ancient Rome to the news aggregators of the 21st century. It traces how journalism gradually distinguished itself from chronicles, history, and the novel in conjunction with the evolution of news media from news pamphlets, newsletters, and newspapers through radio, film, and television to multimedia digital news platforms like Google News. Historical Dictionary of Journalism, Second Edition covers 46 countries, it contains a chronology, an introduction, an extensive bibliography, the dictionary section has more than 300 cross-referenced entries on a wide array of topics such as African-American journalism, the historiography of the field, the New Journalism, and women in journalism. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about journalism.

A Story Of America First

A Story of America First PDF
Author: Ruth Sarles
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275975128
Size: 61.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 238
View: 3719

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Table of contents

Adman S Dilemma

Adman   s Dilemma PDF
Author: Paul Rutherford
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1487522983
Size: 34.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Languages : en
Pages : 480
View: 1929

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Engaging with literature on advertising, philosophy, psychology, and cultural theory, as well as a range of fictional and nonfictional "texts," The Adman's Dilemma traces the trajectory of the adman from the late nineteenth century to the present.

The Science Of Deception

The Science of Deception PDF
Author: Michael Pettit
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226923746
Size: 69.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 311
View: 6121

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Looks at how many early-20th-century psychologists who at first tried to combat deception in American society, later used deliberate misdirection and deceitful stimuli to support their own experiments.

Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore PDF
Author: Jeff Codori
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786449691
Size: 15.12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 302
View: 490

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Colleen Moore (1899-1988) was one of the most popular and beloved stars of the American silent screen. Remembered primarily as a comedienne in such films as Ella Cinders (1926) and Orchids and Ermine (1927), Moore's career was also filled with dramatic roles that often reflected societal trends. A trailblazing performer, her legacy was somewhat overshadowed by the female stars that followed her, notably Louise Brooks and Clara Bow. An in-depth examination of Moore's early life and film career, the book reveals the ways in which her family and the times in which she lived influenced the roles she chose. Included are forewords written by film historian Joseph Yranski, a friend of the actress, and by Moore's stepdaughter, Judith Hargrave Coleman.

The Pen Is Mightier

The Pen Is Mightier PDF
Author: Robert Miraldi
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0312292929
Size: 12.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Languages : en
Pages : 328
View: 7300

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The first biography of muckraker and social reformer Charles Edward Russell, who used his bold investigative reporting technique to uncover some of the country's biggest scandals at the turn of the 20th century.